Old Silo Hill — Documents

Old Silo Hill Retirement Community is a 55+ Active Retirement Condo Assocation.  Please read the Buying and Selling section of the rules and regulations carefully before you begin to advertise your home.  If you have questions, please contact us for assistance.

These documents must be provided to the buyer at the time of sale by the seller or realtor. In addition, a $500 Reserve Fee is to be collected from the buyer at the time of closing made payable to Old Silo Hill Retirement Association, PO Box 54486  Lexington, KY 40555.  Please write “Old Silo Hill Reserve Fee” in the memo line of the check.

Why live at Old Silo Hill Retirement Community?

The benefits are endless, but some of the most prevelant include ease of maintenance, location of property related to an active lifestyle and amenities that you desire, increased opportunities to make new friends and to be able to relax knowing that you’re right-sizing at the right time in your life!

Association Fee Services

  • Member and Voting Rights for management and control of Association
  • Water, Sewer and Trash .
  • Maintenance free grounds and building exteriors
  • All common area Landscape Maintenance
  • Grass mowing, edging and clippings removal
  • Fertilization and growth control
  • Signage and lighting
  • Area Lighting
  • Fire, Hazard, Liability, Casualty, Exterior Building Insurance coverage for common areas
  • Exterior building maintenance, including brick, paint, soffits, gutters, roofs
  • Access to all common areas
  • Driveway maintenance or repairs
  • Management services as needed
  • Limited reserves and future replacement fund for exterior maintenance (i.e. roofs, driveways, sidewalks, signage)

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